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Beef 2021: Shorthorn results | The Land



Breed: Shorthorn

Judge: Matt Welsh

No. of exhibits: 14

Calf champion male: Royalla X Factor 064, Royalla Stud, Yeoval NSW

Calf champion female: Warraberry Freda R46, Marellan Shorthorns, Emerald.

Reserve calf champion female: Royalla Susan R004, Marellan Shorthorns.

Junior champion bull: Royalla Waterloo Q125, Royalla Stud.

Reserve junior champion bull: Royalla Winchester, Royalla Stud.

Senior champion bull: Royalla Ventura 158, Royalla Stud.

Reserve senior champion bull: Royalla Wyatt Earp Q077, Royalla Stud.

Senior champion female: Royalla Merendee P161, Royalla Stud.

Reserve senior champion female: Royalla Margie’s Memory P351, Royalla Stud.

Grand champion bull: Royalla Ventura P158.

Grand champion female: Royalla Merendee P161.

Judges Matt Welsh…

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